I know I’ve sort of disappeared from your life
But that’s cause I’m really happy
You’ve been replaced.
I leaving just like you did.

Sorry but this is goodbye, forever.

To the ones that filled my void, I’m sad to leave you
But with the time we have left
I will create stories to write about again.


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I don’t have many followers but for the ones that keep up with me I would just like to say thank you. As a starter and fairly poor writer it means a lot to have even 1 person pay attention. 

Also side note, this isn’t my main blog, so if you were wanting a follow back, just know it won’t be from this blog. 

Thank you again, and enjoy the rest of your days and nights :)

My hearts been racing a lot lately, even when I sit and breath. 

Maybe this my just my steady beat, now.


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I put forth no identity in my writing
I’m so afraid that the ones I know
will know me, truly. 
Every insecurity, every mistake, 
every memory that I have regrets about,
about how I didn’t do this or say that
or how, even though I treat you like shit lately,
deep down I wish I wouldn’t, didn’t. 
I’m suffocating with pressure, and so is my surroundings.
I’m going to lose so much in the coming months
and Yes I do have choices,
but why even value it, if it is a death sentence to 
some, on either side.
I am a conflicted being and 
it makes every heart beat ache with confusion and uncomfortable relief. 

Life is hard, always, but right now it’s exhausting my last breath from me.


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Go spend something

Whether it’s money, love, feelings, words, silly faces
Spend it. 
Sooner or later you will lose it. 
Go get a taste of life. 


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I have lost sight.
Where has my urge gone?
Lacking It is. 

I missed writing.
Yet I don’t write.
I missed liking her.
Yet I don’t like her, I think.
I missed heart races.
Yet I don’t take chances. 

Time is slipping like grains of sand 
in the hands of a person sitting idly. 

Life is passing by and life has passed by.
Hopefully I start passing life soon enough. 


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